Aerocae Digital, Ltd. provides cutting-edge computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions. Its core team consists of members from Tsinghua University, ShanghaiTech University, Columbia University, and McMaster University. The research team has been dedicated in the fields of scientific computing, fluid simulation, and artificial intelligence for over a decade. With the support of world-class academic laboratories, including the Digital Fluid Simulation Laboratory, Noise Elasticity Laboratory, High-Performance Computing Laboratory, and Flight Control Laboratory, the company has released the Aerocae System ,a state-of-the-art fluid simulation software. The Aerocae System does not rely on any third-party or open-source software. Leveraging the most recent algorithmic advance and hardware architectures. The Aerocae System empowers high-end manufacturing with highly efficient computational tools and CAE processes.

The Aerocae System supports multi-physics simulations of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, multiphase flows, heat transfer, and fluid-structure interaction, among others. It can be applied in various industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, high-speed trains, as well as in the fields of architecture, hydraulics, and energy. The system can predict physical properties such as drag, lift, surface pressure, temperature distribution, noise intensity, and its spatiotemporal distribution, thereby guiding the design of relevant products.

Fully automated grid preprocessing:

Easy-to-use simulation workflow

• Fully automated generation of multi-resolution grid and other preprocessing, thereby greatly simplifying the simulation workflow.

• It reduces grid pre-processing that used to be days of work down to minutes of processing.

• It can accept various types of simulation grids, robust to provide stable simulation even in the presence of low-quality grids.


State-of-the-art computation algorithms:

More intelligent simulation technology

•Our solver is based on a state-of-the-art high-precision adaptive Lattice Boltzmann model, suitable for simulating strong turbulence.

•It can handle flow-solid coupling in arbitrarily complex geometries and topological structures, producing high-precision simulation results.

•The system integrates machine learning into simulation, thereby enabling more efficient modeling and more intelligent design.


Multiphysics simulation:

More comprehensive functionalities

•The solver enables complex multi-physics simulations, suitable for a variety of applications.

•Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics simulations can be used to predict physical properties such as drag, lift, surface pressure distribution, as well as aerodynamic noise level and frequency distribution. These analyses provide key guidance for the design of such products as automobiles.

•Two-phase flow and thermal fluid simulations, combined with fluid-structure coupling, can simulate various physical scenarios for automotive and other transportation equipment.


GPU-Optimized Software Design:

A more efficient simulation process

•The Lattice Boltzmann method used by the solver is inherently parallelizable.

•Thanks to the highly optimized GPU-based algorithm, the Aerocae offers 10x to 100x speedup in comparison to the CPU-based solvers.

•The system will support multi-node, multi-GPU simulation with large-scale parallel computing, thereby enhancing simulation accuracy and efficiency.


High-quality post-processing:

Intuitive visualization

•Supports real-time preview of simulation results and provides various high-quality visualizations of the simulation results.

•Supports real-time preview of the flow field using particle flows and streamlines/pathlines.

•Supports GPU-based high-quality isosurface generation and visualization.

•Supports GPU-based ray tracing for realistic rendering and other post-visualization.


Integrated user interface:

Friendly user interface

•An integrated user interface provides visualization of pre-processing, solving, and post-processing.

•Multi-language support, providing more friendly user experience.

•It supports task-based timeline editing and interactive graphic editing.

•Supports customizable plugin.

User interface

Our next-generation high-performance fluid simulation system offers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, and allows complex transient flows simulated in a portable way.